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We are a group who injoys weight gain and inflation but the thing we like most of all is Sumo women.

Founded 3 Years ago
Jun 6, 2012


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203 Members
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Sakura flower-Free avatar by sayuri-hime-7 :sumo: Sakura flower-Free avatar by sayuri-hime-7

Welocme to Sumo Women group.  I heard in Japan that women are forbiddon to enter a sumo match....but Not in Here. :D


Rule 1. No cyber bulling.

Rule 2. Do not submit art that is not yours exept if the artist gave you permission than that okay.

Rule 3. Weight gain and reguler fat women are allowed but but photos of them unless it a phot of a real sumo women.

*Hey folks, Bob-dude here. The other co-founder.

So I'm just here to add a rule five of sorts: If you're going to submit an original character female sumo wrestler, please try to give her some depth to her. What do I mean by this? I mean don't make her a pretty face whose sole existence revolves around the 'sexiness' of her body and sumo wrestling (I could name some fairly famous DA users who are guilty of this in my mind but a flame war is the last thing I want, so I wont) In other words don't make her as bland as tapioca.

Give her a reason, a back story if you will, for being a sumo. Is she one by choice, was she forced into it, does she even LIKE being a sumo wrestler? What are her interests OUTSIDE of sumo? (Is she into art, science, a general marital artist/fighter, ect) Is sumo even a big (pardon the pun) part of her life? ect, ect, and ect. (also, a final little note, give her some flaws as well. Not that Oh she's too strong/bold craploa, I mean real flaws. Likability is optional, though nice, in fact I think an anti heroine sumo might be kinda interesting)  

I could go on but hopefully you get the idea. Now is that to say that I personally won't accept your OC if she doesn't have like, 20 pages of back story, no. But you'll be getting brownie points in my book if you do, taking the time and effort to give your sumo woman character, some, well- character show me that you-err- took some time and effort into her instead of just going all herpy derp lazy without a care in the world.

Now all of that applies mostly to originally created characters. What about characters from an existing form of media? (Avatar, Friendship is Magic, Naruto, ect) Well I don't think 680000 will be picky, nor will I as a general rule. After all some times you just want to see a popular female character as a sumo, and don't really care about the reason behind it or if their reaction is even in character. I get that. But if you do happen to come up with something and say, you put it in the authors comments, more power to ya. And note that just works if it's it's just a piece of artwork, if it's say a comic or a fanfic... Yea you may want to put at least a little bit of effort into it.

Well I've spent enough time flapping my text-based gums, so in case all that text nearly made your brain blow out, here's a summary: Please try to give your original sumo female some personality and character depth to her, and you won't have to worry too much if your doing fanart of a preexisting character, though backstory and in characterization are always a good thing in my book. Though this does apply if it's a fancomic or fanfiction.
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Uh does anyone rp?
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Is the offer still open?
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adventuremaker16 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2015  Student Writer
Note me and we will RP.
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Are there any SumoWomen roleplay?
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Not officially, no, but the idea is an interesting one. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact us.
smoshfan Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2013
Anybody interested in doing some sumo pics of my boxing girl wrestling her boyfriend (me)=D or just some pics of my girl as a sumo wresler?
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